The Omsk State Drama Theater (main stage)

National Ivan Franko Theater of Drama (Ukraine)

"Oedipus" Sophocles 

Directed by - Robert Sturua  (An Honored Artist of Georgia, Laureate of Rustavelly State Prize of Georgia)

Featuring Bogdan Stupka (People's Artist of USSR, Ukraine, Laureate of USSR State Prize, Shevchenko State Prize of Ukraine and Stanislavsky Award)


 The National Ivan Franko Theater of Drama was established in 1920. Bogdan Stupka has been a general manager since 2001.


"Oedipus" is one of the most famous Ukrainian contemporary productions. Even if you are not familiar with the plot of "Oedipus", you will definitely come to see the famous actors such as Robert Sturua and Bogdan Stupka.

Bogdan Stupka appeared in many movies, the most famous of them are "A Black Bird With a White Spot", "Sonka The Golden Hand", "A Driver for Vera",  and many others.


The plot of Sophocles's "Oedipus"  is based on ancient Greek myth about the king. When he was young he was predicted to kill his own father, marry his mother and have kids with her, which would enrage gods and they would punish him.

            For more than two thousand years, this play makes people feel compassion for misfortunes of the main character.






"There are no antique costumes or other signs that would remind you of that time. The soundtrack is written by Giya Kancheli, who's been Sturua's partner for a long time. A tragic story of the King Oedipus is performed by Ukrainian actors.

It seems that Robert Sturua knows a special code that opens rusty locks of ancient scrolls. Sophocles wrote "Oedipus" in 432 BC. Nevertheless Sturua managed to make it understandable to today's audience.

Sturua doesn't stress the famous oedipus complex, instead he builds his production on the feeling of guilt and immanent punishment. Bogdan Stupka brilliantly conveyed the changes, happening in Oedipus's mind.

The performance has a strong emotional part, but at the same time it is modern and up-to-date. It has what is called a "good artistic taste"


Nadezhda Stepashenko-Grigorieva, 05.05.2003 20:34