Omsk State Drama Theater, Main Stage


B. Nusic


Directed by Jagos Markovic

Featuring Radmila Zivkovic


The National Theater in Belgrade was founded in 1863. It is one of the oldest theaters in Serbia.


It combines three types of theater - drama, opera and ballet.


"Mrs. Minister" has been staged here six times. It was six completely different productions created by famous directors. The last one was staged by Jagos Markovic. This unbelievably entertaining, eccentric slapstick comedy featuring outstanding actors will be performed in Russia for the first time. The lead is played by a brilliant Radmila Zivkovic, a key actress of The National Theater









"It is a laidback, funny and rebellious play, with a lot of musicians on stage. (...) Yes, it is a slapstick comedy, a political satire, but in Markovic's hands it becomes more than that. (...) The director uses every trick, everything that is in the theater arsenal to reach only one goal - create a parody on the minister's wife, obsessed with power, but at the same time fearful of it. Radmila Zivkovic works a miracle as a lead actress. She managed to communicate desperation of the main character through laughter and jokes. In a word, it is a role well-played!"


A funny comedy in the spirit of Kusturica. «Aftonbladet» (One of the most popular Scandinavian magazines) Stockholm, June, 2005


This production by Markovic is (...) very impressive, shocking. It is dynamic; full of tragicomic energy. (...) It is a play to remember and argue about, a play that will entertain theater-lovers for a long time.


M. Pervich, "Politika". Belgrade, 2004