The Omsk State Drama Theater (main stage)

ETLA PROD (France)

"Piaf, a life in pink and black"  Jacques Pessis

Directed by Jacques Pessis

Featuring Natalie Lhermitte


The opening night of "Piaf, a life in pink and black" was in Paris. The author of the play, a , columnist at the "Le Figaro" Jacques Pessis was already known by theater goers for his productions "Jo & Josephine", "Paris Tunes" and "Lets sing, my friends". He wrote several books on French traditional singing. The play about Piaf was highly acclaimed by the public. Alain Delon once visited one of the performances and offered his help and support to the actors. After a success in France the company toured in Morocco, Canada, Romania and Lebanon. The troupe plans to visit the USA in 2008.


 Natalie Lhermitte (Piaf) is a professional singer. She's been singing on stage since she was 16. By the age of 18 she sold 400.00 copies of her first record "You are everything I have".  She participated in many famous musicals, such as "Oliver Twist", "Starmania", and "Merlyn".