June 21

Contemporary Drama Centre (Yekaterinburg)


Monoperformance by Aleksander Fukalov

Director: Elena Lukmanova




CONTEMPORARY DRAMA CENTRE was established in 2009 and had a special place in the city. It is a platform for experiments, for searching new flexible language, for combining the theatre with other kinds of art. It’s all that the Centre of Contemporary Drama famous for. Thus in 2012 the Сentre participated in the "Maska Plus" programme of the "Golden Mask" festival with a performance "Posler's casus: lecture on contemporary art". The Centre was nominated on the Governor’s prize in the Sverdlovsk Region, laureate of the festival of the best plays "Bravo!"(Yekaterinburg). The Centre is a constant participant and laureate of many festivals: "Monobaltija" (Kaunas, Lithuania), "White nights" (Perm), "Real Theatre" and "Kolyada-Plays" (Yekaterinburg) and others.




ALEXANDER FUKALOV is an actor, director, professor of actor’s department in Yekaterinburg State Theatre Institute, general manager of the theatre – studio "Kolombina", an artistic director at the Yekaterinburg’s House of Actors, laureate of "Bravo" and the Ministry of Culture award (Yekaterinburg), laureate of the Governor’s prize in the Sverdlovsk Region for an outstanding achievements in the field of literature and art, member of the Union of Theatre Workers. He has got two higher educations: drama and acting. Critics consider him as one of the best actors in Yekaterinburg with brilliant speech and acting art, attracting audience and showing the deeps of everyday psychology. Alexander Fukalov is a constant participant of many Russian and regional theatre festivals.


ELENA LUKMANOVA graduated from the directing course of Art College in the Sverdlovsk Region. She was an actress in Yekaterinburg Drama Theatre "Volkhonka".
At the same time she was studying in the Urals State University named after A.M. Gorky on the philology faculty. "Posler’s casus: lecture on contemporary art" is the first and serious Elena's directing work. This is an honest statement of a young artist, determination of moral standing in the world of professional art.




«"Posler’s casus: lecture on contemporary art" is a witty talk about an artist, exposes to the public and then to the auction the peace of art "After all" the named emptiness, about criticism which ascended to heaven this intangible, but extremely conceptual peace of contemporary art». Oksana Kushlyaeva, "Strastnoy bulvar,10".


"If you have never heard about Philip Posler and moreover you are interested in modern art, you must visit this performance-lecture "Posler's casus: lecture on contemporary art". Alexander Fukalov keeps it brilliantly and explosive. It is delicate, paradoxically, ironical and sometimes incredibly ridiculous". Larisa Barykina, the expert of the Golden Mask festival.


«"Posler’s casus" presents on the Ural stage a unique actor's monoperformance which is perfectly made by Alexander Fukalov. Postmodern lecture about "fake" as a phenomenon of modern art tells us about changeable values. His professional aplomb of a lecturer, ironical play with the audience interprets this profanation as a norm of life and outputs the show beyond parody». Natalya Shcherbakova, theatre critic.


The performance took part in the programme "Maska Plus" of the "Golden Mask" festival and the "Real Theater", laureate of the International Festival "Monobaltija" (Kaunas, Lithuania).