June 18

Omsk State Academic Drama Theatre

Elena Chizhova. "WOMEN’S TIME"

Scenic variant and staging: Aleksey Kriklivyi




ALEKSEY KRIKLIVY graduated from the directing department of the Russsian Academy of Theatre Arts /GITIS (L.Heifitz’s course). Since 2000 till 2003 worked as a director in Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre. Since 2004 he has been working as a director and since 2008 as a theatre director in Novosibirsk "Globus" Theatre. Breadth of creative and literary interests – are characteristic features of Aleksey Kriklivy. He staged different authors: Venedict Erofeev, Biljana Srbljanovic, Alexandre Dumas (fils) and such well-known Russian authors as Viktor Dragunsky, Grigory Oster, Olga Mukhina. He likes and is able to work with classic and modern prose, with novels and stories: "Naiv.Super!" by Erlend Loe, "The Notebook" by Agota Kristof, "The Kreutzer Sonata" by L.N.Tolstoy ("Globus"Theatre), "Bury me behind the baseboard" by Pavel Sanaev (Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre named after A.S.Pushkin), "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess (Krasnoyarsk Youth Theatre). His "prosaic" way of work continued in the play "Women’s time" by Elena Chizhova. Her novel has got the "Russian Booker" prize in 2009. It was the first work for Aleksey Kriklivy with the troupe of Omsk Drama.




"The play is a fest for actresses; seven from eleven roles are for women that are rarity in theatre plays. Actresses of Omsk Drama hold attention of an audience for more than 3 hours. Elena Chizhova as the author of the novel says that it was interesting and important: "It was an experience for heroines to weather the storm. It is the skill that lacks of our modern world". "Women’s time" has been staged in Tovstonogov Bolshoy Drama Theatre and in Sovremennik Theatre. And our touching performance evokes sympathy and compassion. It is the play continuing traditions of psychological theatre, made the fame of Omsk Drama". Svetlana Vasilyeva "Omskaya Pravda".